Who We Serve

We serve only funeral directors and the professionals of the funeral industry. Your client families deserve the individual personalized attention that only you can give them at their time of need.  You deserve a professional support staff who will act timely and with the same care and dignity that you would provide if you could be in multiple places at once.

In order to maintain our standard of service, we consistently review all aspects of our business. We have a fleet of 16 removal vans, and two four-wheel drive vehicles, as well as three funeral coaches for local interment of remains for the out-of-town funeral director. Each staff person carries our cellular phones, and each vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking to ensure constant communication with supervisory personnel and provide prompt response to all service requests.

We are your professional support staff, dedicated to providing you and your client family’s loved one the gentle care and attention to detail that you need in a support staff.  We represent you in any manner you choose to smoothly facilitate the beginning of your client family’s healing process.

24/7 & 365: From the moment of engagement by you, the funeral director, our staff is ready to represent you at any place of death within our service area to you, whether by transport or commercial air.  Conversely, if your need of our staff is the interment in our service area, we are equally here to serve you with funeral coaches and licensed staff for all three jurisdictions.

Call us to answer any questions.